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Established in 1980 by Billy Kirby Sr., our transport business had humble beginnings in Barryroe, Co. Cork. Initially, we focused on the transportation of wheat and dairy products throughout the West of County Cork, gradually earning our reputation for reliability and dedication to our customers.

As the demand for our services grew, we welcomed the next generation into our business. Billy Kirby Sr.’s sons, Ger and Michael, joined the team, bringing fresh perspectives and energy. This expansion marked the beginning of our journey into diversified transport solutions.

In the early days, our fleet was primarily involved in the transportation of dairy products and agricultural goods. However, as our expertise and capabilities evolved, we expanded our horizons. Our services expanded to include the transportation of heavy machinery and various other commodities, facilitating businesses across the borders of Ireland.

In the year 2000, Ger Kirby assumed leadership, taking the reins of the family business. With a dedicated team of approximately six employees, Ger’s vision was to continue the legacy while embracing opportunities for growth. Under his guidance, our workforce grew steadily, reaching a team of 12. Our reach extended to all corners of the UK and Ireland, where we played a pivotal role in supporting large-scale construction projects, primarily using flat trailers for transportation.

Today, our company’s main operations have found a new home in Bedford, England. We’ve honed our specialization in transporting large-scale modular units to bustling metropolitan cities like London and Birmingham. In addition to our core offering, we expertly transport heavy machinery, oversized goods, containers, and curtainsiders across the UK and Ireland.

Our experience is as vast as the landscapes we traverse – from major cities and bustling ports to the winding country roads that formed the bedrock of our business. With a dedicated team of 20 employees and counting, we’re poised for continued growth and success.

At Kirby Transport, we’ve embraced innovation while staying true to the values that have defined us since our inception. We’re committed to delivering top-tier transportation solutions with a focus on reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.